Be a light unto the world and hurt it not
Be a shining example--act only with love
Forgive every offense--heal every heart
For there is no greater gift!
Honour every person's truth
So that your truth may also be honoured
Walk in every person's shoes
Embrace every circumstance
Share every joy--for love is our gift to the world
A reflection of our Creator's Light 
In the human race
Bring peace to the earth by bringing peace
To all those whose life you touch
For it is through our light, our love and our compassion
Our fragile planet will heal,
Uniting our consciousness with the 
Creator of all things!

Rita Benacquista, A Teacher of Love 



    Rita's international award winning poem, The Gifts of Responsibility,  inspired Rita to share her personal odyssey of healing  and transformation. 
    As a Teacher of Love,  Rita's passion is to guide others to find peace and serenity admist the storm of their lives.


    June 2014